Who I am

So you want to know who I am, huh? Want to know who is The Man, The Chef, The Dad?

I covered most of this in my Introductory Post, but I think it should be here just as much as it is there, so here we go.

I’m a something year old dude currently residing in North Carolina. Formally of Florida, formally-formally of The Bronx. I still consider myself a gamer even though I don’t play as much as I used to, but I’m sure you probably figured that part out from my header. I’m a simple man who loves to hang out with my family more than anything. I’m an Android user, a dessert lover, a Disney admirer, I’m a complete sucker Collector’s Editions/Items, I dig musicals and I like Nicolas Cage movies.

Some more of my favorite movies/series/actors/random things include (in no order whatsoever): Harry Potter, The New York Yankees, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games (just mentioning it makes me want to read the books again), Pizza, Wearing Yankee Hats to Formal Events, Spring, Jurassic Park (yes, all of them), Poetry, My Galaxy Note II, Collecting a Wide Range of Things, Cheesecake, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sandwiches (in general), Dreaming, Catchy Melodies and Goosebump-inducing Harmonies, Tom Hanks, Cinnamon (the spice, not the stripper), Ghostbusters, Baseball, Egg Cream, Video Games, Treasure Hunting Movies,  Clearance Shopping/Bargain Hunting, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Corny Jokes, Pizza, Back to the Future, Podcasts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Toe Socks, Space (in general), Prince of Persia, Dessert before or totally replacing Dinner, Fall, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Technology (in general), Catch Me If You Can, Panini’s, I’m a fan of Switched at Birth on ABC Family and I like Bunheads a lot more than any man should ever admit, Emma Stone, Pizza, Bakeries, Winter, Matthew McConaughey movies, Cable (actually having it, not necessarily the providers), Wallpapers (for desktops and phones, not for actual walls), Star Wars (yes, all of them including The Clone Wars series, and I’m crazy excited to see what Disney will do with the franchise), 24 Hour Local News Channels, Indiana Jones, Mmm Pizza, Pixar Movies, Fight Club, New Tech and Electronics, A Knight’s Tale, and I’m currently working on my Whovian and Browncoat badges.

I’m just an overall nerd/dork/geek who loves pizza, pretends he has control of The Force when no one is looking and who happened to start a food blog.

Concerning blogging…

I’ve tried blogging a total of 3 times. Once was back when I was foolish enough to try and blog about food while working in a kitchen that kicked my ass from clock in to clock out. Needless to say, I didn’t want to come home and talk about food after I cursed it all day long. After that, I tried a poetry blog called The Pied Poet. I enjoyed having a place to put all my old writings, but my laziness prevailed and even copy and pasting was too much for me to handle. I sometimes get inspired and want to go back to it but I usually just take that urge and beat it with a stick till it quiets down.

Concerning this blog…

If you know how to count, that was only 2 blogs out of the 3 I mentioned. Well this is my third try. Surprisingly enough, The Man, The Chef, The Dad has kind of stuck to me and I find it kind of entertaining to keep up with it. At a year old at the time of this writing, this is the longest I’ve ever stuck to a project… wow.. I think, ever. That’s something right? Throughout that year I’ve had my ups and downs consisting of several “oh! I can’t wait to blog this!” moments that seemed to be just as frequent as the “ugh, I have a blog that I have to update” moments. But hey, I’m still here so that’s good. Although, I think one of the main reasons why I’ve kept at it so long is to have a scapegoat for my unhealthy addiction of taking pictures of my food. Seriously, we’re a bunch of weirdos, we need to stop doing that so much. …At least in public.

Anywho, after the first successful year of blogging, I wanted to change it up a bit. I wanted something fresh, something new. I took a step back and while I was happy with what I had, I knew it could be better, cleaner, and more organized. I started looking around Blogger for new themes and such to get started on my overhaul, but nothing caught my eye in the least. So I started to venture out into the dark, unknown wild that is the internet and began playing with WordPress. After hours of looking for a theme, getting aggravated and quitting, going back to Blogger, realizing there was nothing there again, then coming back to WordPress, I finally settled on something. I imported all my stuff, spent what felt like weeks trying to reformat and organizing all my posts, and here I am! Hi!

Concerning The Man…

I mentioned that I loved to write. I always had a pen and pad on me and didn’t hesitate to write down what I was feeling or thinking. This way of life proved both good and bad. Bad because to really speak my mind and pour my heart out, I have to type or write it out. And good because we’re in an age where that’s easy to do. Haha!

Concerning The Chef…

The Chef… Ha. Ok, let me let the cat out of the bag now. I was never a Chef. In my 10 year career, all I ever was was a humble cook. Being a Chef took an unimaginable amount of passion that I did not have the strength to muster. Oh, and ass kissing. I can’t forget the ass kissing. a lot of ass kissing. I think I could have winged the passion, but I wasn’t about to kiss anyone’s ass to get ahead. Especially when it was doing something I hated. Oh yeah, did I mention that? I hated cooking professionally. From the first day I started working, fresh out of culinary school, to the last day where I got let go because the company had to make cuts, I hated the kitchen. Despised it. And my loathing didn’t stop at the kitchen. It stretched to the entire restaurant industry. For those 10 years, I was the culinary version of Tyler Durden, waiting, plotting, dreaming of one day carrying out Project Mayhem and basking in the glory that followed.

But I have to admit. As much as I hated it all, I learned a lot. And while I never attained the title of Chef, I figured with my years under my belt, my degree, my knowledge and know-how of what’s right and what’s wrong, and well, just because, I’ll go ahead and promote myself.

Concerning The Dad…

And here we are. The reason for not just my blog, but for everything. When I was let go from my final job, I tried for close to a year to find something new. And in that year, we somehow managed. We managed well enough that my amazing, hard working wife decided that I should just be a stay-at-home dad. My son, Sebastian, was only a couple of months old when I was laid off, and it seemed almost like it was meant to happen. For those few months we were struggling more with trying to hand him off like a football between working our jobs, not to mention the strain it put on us and our marriage. But we were forced to make it work with just her working and it was better than what we expected. Whatever job I would’ve found would have basically been paying for childcare alone, so it would not have been worth it. So very reluctantly, I started to come to grips with the fact that I won’t be financially providing for my family. It took a long time to get over that, and I’d be lying to you if I said it didn’t bother me still. I know it’s better for everyone involved – my son who isn’t raised by a stranger, my wife who comes home to a clean home and a hot meal, and me who gets to make both as happy as I can – but I still have my moments of doubt and self-hate.

When those moments got to me, I knew I needed something to do. So that’s when I decided to get back into blogging. I had the time, I had the patience. I was able to put something into it.

After a while, I got over myself and I was able to enjoy everything a lot more. I was able to look at everything half-full, and when my perspective changed, my wife was right there to help bring me back. I know the only reason why all of this works is because she is in full support of it. And yes, I know how lucky I am for that. I know everyday with my son is a blessing in itself, and now, as of this writing, we have another addition to the family on the way. The blessings don’t stop around here!

I hope that answers any questions you had about me. If it didn’t, then just stick around and I’m sure you’ll figure it out.


2 thoughts on “Who I am”

  1. ManChefDad, you rule.

    Also, I, too, have an affinity for sandwiches and cinnamon, respectively. And like you, I mean the spice, not the stripper. JUST TO CLARIFY. Also, I can deeply appreciate that you mentioned pizza more than once because pizza takes up a good 67% of my brain function on any given day. When I can eat it, where I can get it, which toppings I can have, etc. It’s a sickness. A delicious sickness.

    • Poor Cinnamon the stripper. She probably always gets shafted for the spice.

      And I’m glad you noticed I put pizza there more than once. I didn’t think it was listed nearly as many times as it should have been. Sometimes, I try to think of things I can add to that list JUST to have a reason to sneak a few more “pizza”‘s in there.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this section, It is much appreciated!

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